Robyn Kelly....In a nutshell
bit about me: I'm a graphic and web designer, donut hunter, music lover, amateur photographer, traveler, animal protector, passionate do-gooder, friend to all, crafty, hardworking, tenderhearted, strong minded, mover/shaker. I'm a wife and a mother: 1 by birth, 2 by gift, 2 furry.  
currently: back in school full time, busy morphing myself into a graphic & web designer. BFA degree: June 2017
past: 12+ years working in education and education administration. BS degree University of Georgia
"I really like your "about me" section. When I think of you, I see someone whose passions run deep, someone who feels the world more deeply than most, someone who is tuned in to nuances in expression and intention. If I were someone looking to hire a designer, one of the things about you that would really appeal to me, and that I think will set you apart in your field, is that you are remarkably grounded. You are a clear business-thinker and you can be very pragmatic. Finding someone who can "make ideas pretty", but will also speak the same language as those sitting at the board room table is important. Even when you list your experience - you mention education, but not management, financial reporting, etc. I think those experiences are valuable and show you understand the needs of the business world. All that stuff - you as a realist, as someone who knows how to meet a deadline, as someone who can find balance between ideals and available resources."     -Beth Campbell WCPSS teacher, close friend, former co-worker

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